Christmas Songs from Hungary 1956 ACA 5¾ min.
For piano.

Colinde (Romanian Christmas Songs) for Piano or Harpsichord 1951 ACA

Duet, piano 4-hands 1954 ACA 1½ min
Eight Piano Pieces
1962 ACA 12½ min.
Alternate version for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon.

Eleven Ukrainian Folksongs for Piano 1956 ACA 9¾ min.
Written for John and Irene Downey.
Also arranged for band by William A. Schaefer.

Fantasia 1961 EH 4 min.
For piano.

Five French Folksongs 1964 ACA
For piano.

Five Little Five-Finger Pieces 1954 EH 2 min.
For piano.
Written for Joanna.

Five Old French Songs 1954 ACA 4¾ min.
For piano or harpsichord.
Written for Ann.

Five Portuguese Folksongs for Piano 1956 PEER 4¾ min.
Written for Fernando Laires.

Five Swedish Folktunes 1961 EH 3¼ min.
For piano.
Written for Ingolf and Etta.

Four Bagatelles for Piano 1960 EH 4¾ min.

Improvisation for Piano 1949 ACA
For Emma A. Wilber on her 80th birthday.

Improvisation on “Divinum Mysterium” 1953 PEER 2½ min.
For organ.

Improvisations on Javanese Themes for Piano 1951 ACA 3½ min.

Intrada for Piano 1954 ACA 3½ min.

Jumping Colts 1961 EH 1 min.
For piano.
(After a woodcut by Franz Marc).

La Quatre-Vingtaine 1967 ACA 2 min.
For harpsichord or piano.
For Alice Ehlers on her 80th birthday, 16 April 1967

Laude spirituali: Italian melodies of the XIII century 1954 ACA 2 1/2 min
For piano.

Lyric Piece 1955 EH 1 min.
For piano.
For Ann.

Magyar Folksongs for Piano (or harpsichord) 1950 ACA 8¼ min.
Also transcribed for string quartet (see Chamber Music)

Music for Ann 1953 EH 5¼ min.
For piano.

Notturno (“Bellagio Adagio”) 1971 ALF 2½ min
Part of “12 x 11″ Piano Music in the 20th Century

Partita 1954 PEER 13¾ min.
For piano or harpsichord.

Prelude for Piano 4-Hands 1956 ACA 1 min.

Preludes (Second Series) 1952-6 ACA 7¼ min.

Reflections 1960 ACA
For piano.

Ritratti 1960 EH 12 min.
For piano.
Written for Shirley Munger
1. Intrada
2. Arietta
3. Tema con quattro variazioni

Romanian Folk Tunes for Piano 1956 ACA 5½ min.

Scherzo for Piano Solo 1949 ACA 3¼ min.

Seven French Folksongs for Piano 1953 ACA 4¾ min.
Written for Ann.

Seventeen Piano Pieces 1968 EH 29¼ min.
Six Little Pieces for Piano 1954 ACA 2¼ min.
Written for Joanna.

Six Russian Folk Tunes 1955 ACA 2 min.
For piano.
For Melanie Hall.

Soliloquy for Organ 1971 EH 3¼ min.
For Eleanor and Truett Hollis

Sonata No. 3 for Piano 1947-8 EH 13½ min.

Sonatina for Piano Four-Hands 1975 EH 11 min.
Commissioned by the Music Teachers National Assn. for the Centennial Convention, Dallas, 1976

Sonatina No. 1 for Piano 1942, revised 1959, 1967 EH 6¼ min.
Written for Paul A Pisk.

Sonatina No. 2 for Piano 1945, revised 1959 EH 7 min.
Dedicated to Harriet A. Todd.

Sonatina No. 3 for Piano 1950 EH 6¼ min.

Sonatina No. 4 for Piano 1952 EH 6¾ min.

Sonatina No. 5 for Piano 1954 EH 7¼ min.

Sonatina No. 6 for Piano 1959 EH 7 min.
Written for Joanna on her 11th birthday.

Study in Irregular Rhythms 1966 EH 2 min.
For piano.
Written for Fernando Laires

Ten French Folksongs for Piano 1959 ACA 9 min.
Dedicated to Harriett.

Ten Short Pieces for Piano 1954 ACA 15¾ min.

Three Hungarian Folksongs for Piano 1957 ACA 2¼ min.

Three Inventions for Piano
1948 ACA 3½ min.

Three Czech Folktunes 1958 ACA 1¼ min.
For piano.
Written for Joanna.

Three Pieces for Organ 1962 EH 7¼ min.
In memory of Richard Donovan.

Three Preludes (First series) 1952 ACA 8.5 min
For Lillian Steuber

Three Short Preludes for Organ 1956 PEER 6½ min.
Written for Irene Robertson

Toccata for Piano 1948 ACA 4¼ min.
Dedicated to Lillian Steuber.

Two Duets on Old French Airs 1954 ACA 1 min.
For piano 4-hands.

Two Pieces on Themes by Joanna Stevens 1957 ACA 3¼ min.
For piano.