All Flesh is Grass (SATB and piano) 1959 EH
(From A Testament of Life)

The Amphisbaena (SATB and piano) 1972 EH 1¼ min.
(Text by A. E. Housman)

The Ballad of William Sycamore (SATB and orchestra) (see Orchestra) 1955 ECS 18½ min.
(Stephen Vincent Benet)

Blessed Be Thy Glorious Name (SATB a cappella) 1963 EH 2½ min.
(Nehemiah 9:5-9, 11, 12)

Campion Suite (SATB) 1967 EH 6¾ min.

An Epitaph for Sara and Roland Cotton (SATB) 1971 EH 2 min.
(Text by John Cotton, 1649)

Four Carols (TTB, a cappella) 1952 PEER 8¾ min.
Written for the University of Southern California Concert Choir, Hans Lampl, conductor.
1. “All This Night” (William Austin)
2. “What Sweeter Music” (Robert Herrick)
3. “As I Out Rode” (Coventry Shearmen and Tailors Pageant)
4. “A Virgin Most Pure” (text anon.)
“…models of what a contemporary composer can do to freshen the spirit of Christmas music without losing sight of its fundamental traditions and emotional appeal…Stevens’s vocal writing is notable for its rhythmical and metrical freedom (it wholly escapes the tyranny of the bar-line in word-setting) and for its fine sense of balance and color. Rich in imitation and other devices, it is nonetheless spontaneous.”
- Robert Sabin, Musical America, July 1955

God Is My Strong Salvation (SATB, a cappella) 1966 EH 1¾ min.
(James Montgomery)

Go, Lovely Rose (SATB, a cappella) 1942 EH 1½ min.
“…sensitive and perfect for the medium.”
- Gazette (Mitchell, S. Dakota)

Hymn Anthem on “Lyons” (O Worship the King) (SATB and organ) 1966 EH 3¼ min.
Tune adapted from Johann Michael Haydn; words by R. Grant

In Te, Domine, Speravi (SATB and organ) 1962 CFP 3 min.
(Psalm 31:1-6, 17-18, 26-27)
Written for Sigma Alpha Iota’s American Music Awards Series.

Lady, As Thy Fair Swan (SATB a cappella) 1966 EH 1½ min.
(Gerald Bullett)

Le Mois de Mai (SATB) 1962 EH 1 min.
French folksong

Like as the Culver on the Bared Bough (SSATB a cappella) 1954 GS 2¼ min.
Written for David Randolph

The Lord’s Prayer (SATB, a cappella) 1975 EH 2 min.
For Dr. Thomas Somerville

Magnificat (SATB, trp, kybd (or str. orch.)) 1962 SP 8¾ min.
Commissioned by the Alpha Alpha Chapter, Pi Kappa Lambda, North Texas State University.

A New Year Carol (SATB, a cappella) 1960 EH 1 min.
(Text traditional.)

Nunc Dimittis (SATB) 1971 EH 1½ min.
Dedicated to Dr. James H. Vail and the choir of St. Alban’s, Westwood, CA

O God, the Refuge of Our Fears (SATB, a cappella) 1963 EH 2 min.
(Stephen Vincent Benet)

Of the Heavenly Bodies (SATB, a cappella) 1954 EH 1¼ min.
(Roger Williams)
Dedicated to Harriett

Out of the Depths (SATB and piano) 1959 EH
(From A Testament of Life)

Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above (For equal or unequal voices and organ.) 1969 EH 1¼ min.
(Text by Charles Wesley.)

Psalm 1: “Beatus Vir” (Blessed Is the Man) (SATB a cappella) 1966 EH 1¾ min.

Psalm 8: “O Lord Our Governor” (SATB) 1970 EH 2¼ min.
For the Lutheran Collegiate Music Association

Psalm 98: “O Sing Unto the Lord a New Song” (SSA and piano) 1955 PEER 8 min.
Written for the Marylhurst College Chorus, Sister M. Claudia, director.

Psalm 117: “O Praise the Lord, All Ye Nations” (SSATBB) 1976 EH ¾ min.

Psalm 148: “Praise Ye The Lord” (SATB) 1953 EH 2¾

Psalm 150 (SATB and piano) 1959 EH
(From A Testament of Life)

Remember Me (TBB, a cappella) 1968 EH 2 min.
(Poem by Christina Rossetti)

A Set of Three (TTBB, a cappella) 1951 EH 5½ min.
1. “Weeping-Cross” (text anon.)
2. “The Waning Moon” (text anon.)
3. “She That Denies Me” (Thomas Heywood)

Songs from the Paiute (SATB, T solo, 4 fl., tim.) 1976 EH 15 min.
(Texts translated from Paiute songs by Bourke Lee and Mary Austin)
Commissioned by the Draco Foundation, Independence, CA

Te Deum (SATB; 2 trp, 2 hn., 2 trb., tb.; organ; tim.) 1967 EH 13 min.
Commissioned by Georgia Southern College for the dedicatory concerts of the Foy Fire Arts Center

A Testament of Life (SATB, TB soli, organ (or piano)) (see Orchestra) 1959 EH 24 min.

Three Hungarian Folksongs (Nepdalok) 1951 EH 2 1/4 min
for SATB a cappella
(English translation by Halsey Stevens)

Three Hymns (SATB) 1955 ACA 8 min.
(John Greenleaf Whittier)
Written for the Chancel Choir of First Friends Church, Whittier, California.

Venite Exultemus (SATB and brass quintet or keyboard) EH
(ed. by Morten Lauridsen)

“Weepe, O Mine Eyes” (SSATB, a cappella) 1959 EH 2 min.
(anon. 16th century text)

The Way of Jehovah (SATB and organ or piano) 1963 EH 1½ min.
(Isaiah 40:3-5)
Written for Daniel Moe.

Wherewith Shall I Come Before the Lord? An Introit (SATB and organ or piano.) 1977 EH
(Micah 6:6,8)
Dedicated to the Choir of the First Baptist Church, Wash. D.C., Alvin Lunde, Director