Four Songs from Mother Goose 
Written for Christopher, Ann, and Joanna
1951-1977 EH 3¼ min.

Four Troubador Songs 
For voice and piano (various texts)
1. Lo, now I bid farewell
2. All thoughts within my heart
3. Mercy I cry
4. It was in May
1942, revised 1957 ACA

Go, Lovely Rose 
(orig. for SATB, 1942)
For voice and piano (text by E. Waller)
1955 EH 1¾ min.

Lay a Garland on my Hearse 
For voice and piano (John Fletcher, from The Maide's Tragedy)
1963 ACA 1¾ min.

Music for the Marriage Service 
1. O Perfect Love (text by Dorothy F. Gurney)
2. A Wedding Prayer (text by John Newton)
For baritone and organ or piano
1969 EH 3¼ min.

Pour Noël 
For medium voices and piano (text by Théophile Gautier).
1958 EH 1 min.

Quatre Chansons Populaires du Canada 
For voice and piano.
1951 ACA

Siete Canciones sobre poesías de Frederico García Lorca 
for voice and piano
written for Maurice Allard
1964 EH 10 min

Sonnet: Remember Me 
For low voice and piano (Christina Rosetti)
1947 ACA

Sonetto del Petrarca: "Solo e pensoso" 
For baritone and piano
1956 ACA

Three Japanese Folksongs 
For voice, violin, cello and piano.
Written for Shigeko Iinuma (see Chamber Music)
1960 ACA 5½ min.

Three Preludes (1st series) 
For piano.
Written for Lillian Steuber.
1952 ACA 8½ min.

Three Preludes (2nd series) 
For piano.
1956 ACA 7¼ min.

Two English Folksongs 
1. Early one morning
2. Green Bushes
1956 ACA 3¾ min.

Two Shakespeare Songs 
For mezzo-soprano or tenor, flute, clarinet.
1. Come away death
2. Under the greenwood tree
Written for Margery MacKay. (see Chamber Music)
1958 ACA 4¾ min.

When Icicles Hang by the Wall (Shakespeare) 
For high voice and piano.
Written for Joseph B. Holloway
1940 ACA 1 min.

When Icicles Hang by the Wall
For voice, flute, cello, and piano
1940 ACA 1 min.